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Среда, 11 Июнь 2008

Равиль Абубекеров

Dear partners, dear visitors

Allow me to cordially welcome you to the web site of the company "S.T.B. Advanced Technology Ltd".

The company "S.T.B. Advanced Technology Ltd" was founded for progress on the world market of new technological process on production of electrolytically pure powders of different metals, such as the titanium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, vanadium, rhenium, platinum, molybdenum, antimony, selenium, arsenic, tellurium, technetium, zirconium,  etc.), amorphous or crystalline boron, polycrystalline semi-conductor silicon, as well as highly pure ceramic submicronic powders of  carbides, nitrides, oxides, borides and silicides the specified chemical elements.

This technological process was named after its author as “Karelin-process”. “Karelin-process” provides high refining of intermediate products and commercial output as a whole; it is highly efficient and economic, excludes or minimizes formation and dump of gaseous, liquid and solid technological waste products to the atmosphere. In connection with the complex extraction of all components out of feed stock and non-reagent technology used, cost price of the commercial output production is in several times lower than that when using hydrometallurgical methods. Practically the whole technology offered is based on well operated in the industry processes, such as oxidic concentrates fluorination by element fluorine and electrolytically cations reduction in the melted salts (electrolysis), therefore it can be promptly realized and extended.

In 2005 specialists of the company designed a new manufacturing method of processing of the waste nuclear fuel.

Using the offered fluoride technology, will allow creating compact processing radiochemical miniplant in one complex with two ВВЭР-1000 reactors.

As a result of realization of the offered technology, the following advantages are reached:

- Fluoride technology is practically a reagentless one, since the basic chemical reagent for opening waste oxides fuel – element fluorine precipitated out on anodes in the process of electrolysis, is used repeatedly in its own recycle under fuel tablets fluorination.

- Radioactive fission products are extracted completely in the concentrated solid insoluble form;

- Development, excretion and use of fissionable materials of military purpose is excluded at all stages of irradiated fuel processing, therefore, the mode of nuclear materials non-distribution is provided.

- Formation and use of explosive gaseous, liquid and solid substances and their mixtures is excluded in technological processes on fuel tablets radiochemical processing.

- Nuclear safety is provided since the weight of fissionable materials in all devices is less than a critical one.

- Self-contained cycle reactor – near-by-station radiochemical miniplant – excludes expensive and hazardous waste nuclear fuel transportation;

- Near-by-station radiochemical miniplant on fluoride processing of irradiated uranium-plutonium oxides fuel may be designed and created just now instead of distant future, since usual simple-in-design devices widely applied in chemical and metallurgical production are used in technology.

- Using the above-stated advantages, low specific capital costs for creation of self-contained Nuclear Fuel Cycle and low cost price of uranium-plutonium oxidic fuel re-cooking are provided.

The company "S.T.B. Advanced Technology Ltd" has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, unique, extensive experience of scientific researches and uses in the industries of results of researches, and also significant organizational experience of development and realization of investment projects.

Please, consider this web site as my personal invitation for more intensive and more open communication with our company.

Best regards,

Ing. Ravil Abubekerov,

Chairman of the Board of Directors